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17. WWW Web interface for PostgresSQL - dbengine

The extract from the home page of dbengine is given below:-

dbengine a plug 'n play Web interface for Postgres95 created by Ingo Ciechowski

Version 0.82 alpha Documentation as of 11/23/96

About dbengine

dbengine is an interface between the WWW and Postgres95 which provides simple access to any existing database within just a few minues.

This little Perl program was born after I've tried quite a lot of already available packages like AppGen, , PHP-FI and more. So why did I kind of re-invent the wheel ?

Well, PHP-FI gives you a Perl like language in your documents, but no real Perl while AppGen and wdb-p95 require that you create some configuration file for each of your databases -- sound's like you'll first of all have to learn some sort of new mata language before you can get started.

That was the point when I started to feel more familiar with a small Perl applet of my own... and now my dbengine became a tool that I think at is ready to be shared with others.

Unlike other tools you don't have to learn any special programming or scripting language to get started with dbengine. Also there's no configuration file for each database, so you don't have to get familiar with such a new structure. However - in case you want to gain access to the full features of dbengine it'd be a good idea to know the Perl language.

The whole system can be configured by simple manipulations of an additional database that contains closer information about how to visualize your database access. You can even specify virtual Fields which are calculated on the fly right before they're displayed on the screen.


dbengine is free software under the same terms as Perl. Read its licence if you aren't sure what you can or can't do. The bottom line is that this is a kinder and gentler version of the GNU licence -- one that doesn't infect your work if you care to borrow from dbengine or package up pieces of it as part of a commercial product!

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