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18. Apache Webserver Module for PostgreSQL - NeoSoft NeoWebScript

Apache is a well-known Web Server. And a module to interface PostgreSQL to Apache Webserver is at -

The extract from the home page of NeoWebScript is given below:-

NeoWebScript is a programming language that allows both simple and complex programs to be embedded into HTML files.

When an HTML page containing embedded NeoWebScript is requested, the NeoWebScript-enabled webserver executes the embedded script(s), producing a webpage containing customized content created by the program.

NeoWebScript is a fast, secure, easy to learn way to do powerful, server-based interactive programming directly in the HTML code in web pages. With NeoWebScript, counters, email forms, graffiti walls, guest books and visitor tracking are all easy, even for a beginning programmer. See how well NeoWebScript holds its' own vs. PERL and JavaScript.

NeoWebScript 2.2 just released! On June 24, 1997, NeoSoft released NeoWebScript 2.2, integrating it with the new Apache 1.2.0 server.

If you're on a webserver that has NeoWebScript installed and you would like to started with it, we have a lot of User Info available. Our New User FAQ has the basic answers to get you started. The Tutorials guide you through learning the language, while the Demos give you prebuilt applications you can download and modify. Commands and Variables are the complete language references, and Troubleshooting contains hints and tips to help you get past any problems.

If you'd like to install NeoWebScript on your webserver, your Webmaster needs to read our Sysop FAQ to get started. Theory of Operations will explain how NeoWebScript works, while installation will take them through the steps. Management deals with configuration issues and running the server, tests let you verify correct NeoWebScript operation, and troubleshooting deals with server problems.

Hey, wait a minute you ask, how much do you want for all this great software, huh? There is no cost to you to use NeoWebScript-2.2 for your ISP, your intranet, or your extranet. You'll see a full license when you register to download, but the gist is we'd like a whopping $ 99 if you want to embed it in your own product or use it in a commerce (eg. SSL) server.

NeoWebScript is a module for the Apache webserver that allows you to embed the Tcl/Tk programming language in your webpages as a scripting tool. It was invented by Karl Lehenbauer, NeoSoft's Chief Technical Officer, and documented, enhanced and extended by NeoSoft's programmers and technical writers.

The Apache webserver is the world's most popular webserver, accounting for 42 % of the 1,044,163 sites polled by the May 1997 Netcraft Web Server survey. The next largest entry were the various Microsoft servers, reporting in with slightly over 16 %, or a difference of over 270,000 servers.

Tcl/Tk is the powerful, free, cross-platform scripting language developed by Dr. John Ousterhout, now a Sun Distinguished Engineer. In his own words

"Tcl/Tk lets software developers get the job done ten times faster than with toolkits based on C or C++. It's also a great glue language for making existing applications work together and making them more graphical and Internet-aware."

With a developer community of over 500,000 worldwide, and thousands of commercial applications, Sun has just announced a new business group called SunScript, to support this community with an integrated development environment and to develop a suite of products to link Tcl to the Web and Java.

Karl Lehenbauer, Founder and Chief Technical Officer of NeoSoft, has been part of Tcl/Tk development from the very beginning. Together with Mark Diehkans, they authored Extended Tcl, also known as TclX or NeoSoft Tcl, a powerful set of extensions to the language. Many of the current core Tcl commands originated in Extended Tcl, and were then imported into the core language by Dr. Ousterhout.

NeoSoft Inc., 1770 St. James Place, Suite 500, Houston, TX 77056 USA

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