Installing and managing software over the network

Installing software

In the Software Manager:

  1. From the Software menu, select Install New.

  2. Select the current host, then:

    To install from another host, see the instructions in ``Installing from remote source machines''.

    NOTE: The media (tape or CD-ROM) from which you install the SCO OpenServer system also contains many other SCO OpenServer products. Some of these products must be purchased, installed, licensed, and registered separately.

  3. Select the software items that you want from the list of available software, and click on Install.

    NOTE: When installing patched software, patched files are not copied from the server. Instead, the original versions of the files are copied over. Patches must be applied to target machines separately.

    A package is the smallest software item you can install with the Software Manager. To restore a damaged or missing file, see customextract(ADM).

  4. To license the product during installation, enter the license number and code from the Certificate of License and Authenticity when prompted. If you defer licensing at this time, see ``Licensing products'' for instructions on licensing the product.

Loading software

To load software products or patches, follow the same procedure as for installing software, except:

In the Install Selection window, select the software items that you want from the list of available software, and click on More Options. Then, specify Load Only as the installation option, and click on Install.

Other machines can use loaded software as installation source for installing across the network, but the software is not configured to run locally. A loaded patch is not configured to affect its target component; that is, it is not applied.

To configure loaded software to run locally (or to apply a patch), run the installation procedure, selecting Loaded Software as the media device.

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