Manual section C

300, 300s - handle special functions of DASI 300 and 300s terminals
300s - handle special functions for the DASI 300s terminal
4014 - paginator for the TEKTRONIX 4014 terminal
450 - handle special functions of the DASI 450 terminal
[ - test conditions
alias, unalias - create, display, or delete alias definitions
apropos - locate commands by keyword lookup
asa - interpret printer control codes
assign, deassign - assign and deassign devices
at, batch - execute commands at a later time
atdialer - configurable modem dialer for UUCP
auths - list and/or restrict kernel privileges
awk, oawk, nawk - pattern scanning and processing language
banner - print large letters
basename - remove directory names from pathnames
batch - schedule jobs for execution when the system load permits
bc - invoke a calculator
bdiff - compare files too large for diff(C)
bfs - scan big files
bg, fg - run jobs in the background or foreground
cal - print a calendar
calendar - invoke a reminder service
cancel - cancel requests to lineprinter
cat - concatenate and display files
cd - change working directory
checkmail - check for MMDF mail that has been submitted but not delivered
chgrp - change group ID
chmod - change the access permissions of a file or directory
chown - change owner ID
cksum - write file checksums and sizes
clear - clear a terminal screen
cmp - compare two files
col - filter reverse linefeeds
comm - select or reject lines common to two sorted files
command - execute a simple command
compress, uncompress, zcat - compress data for storage, uncompress and display compressed files
copy - copy groups of files
corex - convert new-style core image dumps to old-style (obsolete)
cp - copy files
cpio - copy file archives in and out
cpset - install object files in binary directories
cron - execute commands scheduled by at, batch, and crontab
crontab - schedule commands to be executed at regular intervals
crypt - encode/decode
csh - invoke a shell command interpreter with C-like syntax
cshrc - csh control file
csplit - split files according to context
ct - spawn getty to a remote terminal
ctags - create a tags file
cu - call another UNIX/XENIX system
cut - cut out selected fields of each line of a file
date - print and set the date
dc - invoke an arbitrary precision calculator
dd - convert and copy a file
deassign - deassign devices
deroff - remove nroff/troff, tbl, and eqn constructs
devnm - identify device name
df - report number of free disk blocks
dfspace - report disk space
diff - compare two text files
diff3 - compare three files
dircmp - compare directories
dirname - deliver directory part of pathname
disable - turn off terminals and printers
diskcmp - compare floppy disks
diskcp, diskcmp - copy or compare floppy disks
doscat - display a DOS file
doscmd: doscat, doscp, dosdir, dosformat, dosmkdir, dosls, dosrm, dosrmdir - manipulates DOS files and filesystems
doscp - copies a DOS file to UNIX system
dosdir - list DOS directories in the DOS DIR style
dosformat - format a DOS floppy
dosls - lists DOS directories in the UNIX system ls style
dosmkdir - make a directory on a DOS disk
dosrm - remove files from a DOS disk
dosrmdir - remove directories from a DOS disk
dspmsg - print message from message catalog
dtox - change file format from MS-DOS to UNIX
dtype - determine disk type
du - summarize disk usage
dvdrecord, cdrecord - record DVDs or CDs from an image file
echo - echo arguments
ed, red - invoke the text editor
edit - invoke a novice version of the ex text editor
egrep - search a text file for one or more patterns
enable - turn on terminals and line printers
env - set environment for command execution
ex, edit - invoke a text editor
expand - convert tabs to spaces
expr - evaluate arguments as an expression
factor - factor a number
false - return with a non-zero exit value
fc - process the command history list
fg - run jobs in the foreground
fgrep - search a text file for a fixed string
file - determine file type
find - find files
finger - find information about users
fixhdr - change executable binary file headers
fold - filter for folding lines
format - format floppy disks
ftpcount - shows current number of ftp users for each class
ftpwho - shows current ftp user processes
gcore - get core images of running processes
getacl - display discretionary information for a file(s)
getconf - print configuration dependent values
getopt - parse command options
getoptcvt - convert shell scripts to use getopts instead of getopt
getopts, getoptcvt - parse command options
getprops - get local printer options
gets - get a string from the standard input
getserno - output the serial number
greek - select terminal filter
grep, egrep, fgrep - search files for a pattern
hash - remember, report, or forget command locations
hashcheck - recreate the hash codes in a hashed spelling list.
hashmake - generate hash codes for a list of words.
hd - display files in hexadecimal format
head - print the first few lines of a file
hello - send a message to another user
hp - handle special functions of Hewlett-Packard terminals
hwconfig - read hardware configuration information
i286 - return a true value if a machine is a 286
i286emul - emulate UNIX 80286 (obsolete)
i386 - return a true value if a machine is a 386 or fully compatible
i486 - return a true value if a machine is a 486 or fully compatible
iAPX286 - return a true value if a machine is a 286
iconv - international codeset conversion
id, whoami - print user and group IDs and names
Intro - introduces UNIX commands
ismpx - return windowing terminal state
jobs - display status of jobs
join - join two relations
jterm - reset layer of windowing terminal
jwin - print size of layer
keyserv - server for storing public and private keys
kill - terminate a process
ksh, rksh - Korn shell, a command and programming language
l - list contents of directory in long format
last - indicate last logins of users and teletypes
layers - layer multiplexer for windowing terminals
lc - list contents of directory in columns
ldd - list dynamic dependencies
less - view a file one screenful at a time
lesskey - specify key bindings for the less command
lf - list contents of directory in columns indicating object type
line - read one line
ln - make a link to a file
locale - get locale-specific information
localedef - define locale environment
lock - lock a user's terminal
logger - make entries in the system log
logname - get login name
lp, lpr - send requests to lineprinter
lpr - send request to lineprinter
lprint - print to a printer attached to the user's terminal
lpstat, rlpstat - print information about status of (remote) lp print service
lr - list contents of directory recursively in columns
ls, lc, l, lf, lr, lx - list contents of directory
lx - list contents of directory in columns sorted horizontally
m4 - macro processor
machid: i286, iAPX286, i386, i486 (also: vax, mc68k, pdp11, u370, u3b, u3b15, u3b2, u3b5) - get truth value dependent on processor type
mail, mailx - interactive message processing system
mailx - interactive message processing system
make.dialer - script used to create an atdialer
man - display reference manual pages
mcart - Irwin mini-cartridge tape maintenance program (obsolete)
mcs - manipulate the comment section of an object file
menu - menu/form interface generator - menu tool environment variables
mesg - permit or deny messages sent to a terminal
mkdir - make a directory
mkfifo - make a FIFO special file
mknod - make a special file
mnt, umnt - mount/unmount filesystems
more, page, less - view a file one screenful at a time
mouseadmin - mouse administration
mv - move or rename files and directories
nawk - alternate name for awk(C)
netinfo - interface to add/list/remove entries in netdrivers file
newform - change the format of a text file
newgrp - change to a new group
newkey - create a new key in the publickey database
news - print news items
nice - run a command at a different scheduling priority
nl - add line numbers to a file
nohup - run a command immune to hangups and quits
oawk - alternate name for awk(C)
od - display files in octal format
pack, pcat, unpack - compress and expand files
page - view a file one screenful at a time
passwd - change login, or modem (dialup shell) password
paste - merge lines of files
patch - apply changes to a file
pathchk - check pathnames
pax - portable archive exchange
pcat - display a packed file
pcpio - copy file archives in and out
pfmt - display error message in standard format
pg - paginate display on terminals
pkginfo - display software package and/or set information
pkgmk - produce an installable package
pkgparam - displays package parameter values
pkgproto - generate a prototype file
pkgtrans - translate package format
pr - print files on the standard output
printenv - print environment for command execution
printf - print formatted output
prwarn - warn about password expiration
ps - report process status
pstat - report system information
ptar - process tape archives
purge - overwrite specified files
pwd - print working directory name
random - generate a random number - copy files between systems in a Micnet network
rcvalert - notify user about newly received mail
rcvfile - put message into named file
rcvprint - print message automatically
rcvtrip - notify mail sender that recipient is away
read - read a line from standard input
recon - escape sequence reconglomerator and tty connection redirector
red - invoke a restricted text editor
remote - execute commands on another system in a Micnet network
renice - adjust scheduling priorities of running processes
resend - redistribute mail using the Resent- notation
rksh - invoke a restricted Korn shell
rlpstat - print information about status of remote lp print service
rm - remove files or directories
rmdir - remove directories
rshell - invoke a restricted shell (command interpreter)
scosh - menu-driven SCO Shell with calendar, mail, and calculator
sddate - print and set backup dates
sdiff - compare files side-by-side
sed - invoke the stream editor
setacl - modify Access Control List (ACL) for file(s)
setcolor, setcolour - set color and other attributes of the console screen
setcolour - set colour and attributes of the console screen
setkey - assign the function keys
setpgrp - set the process group of a program
setsizecvt - generates files in the space format for pkg sets
sg - set groups
sh - invoke the shell command interpreter
shl - shell layer manager
sleep - suspend execution for an interval
slot - read the microchannel configuration registers
sort - sort and merge files
spell, hashmake, spellin, hashcheck - find spelling errors
spellin - write a spelling list from hash codes.
spline - interpolate a smooth curve from a set of points
split - split a file into pieces
strings - find the printable strings in an object file
stty - set the options for a terminal
su - make the user a super user or another user
sum - calculate a checksum and count the blocks in a file
tabs - set tabs on a terminal
tail - display the last part of a file
tape - magnetic tape maintenance program
tapecntl - ATT tape control for QIC-24/QIC-02 tape device
tapedump - dump magnetic tape to output file
tar - archive files
tee - create a tee in a pipe
test - test conditions
tic - terminfo compiler
time - time a command
touch - update access and modification times of a file
tput - query the terminfo database
tr - translate characters
translate - translate files from one format to another
true - return with a zero exit value
truss - trace system calls and signals
tset - set terminal modes
tty - get the terminal's name
type - determine command type
udibuild - Build UDI driver modules from source files
udimkpkg - Create a UDI package file
ulimit - set or report file-size limit
umask - get or set file-creation mode mask
umnt - unmount a filesystem
unalias - delete alias definitions
uname - print the name of the operating system
uncompress - uncompress data
undelete - administer versioned files
unexpand - convert spaces to tabs
uniq - report repeated lines in a file
units - convert units
unpack - unpack a file
uptime - display summary information about system activity
usemouse - map mouse input to keystrokes
uucp, uulog, uuname - UNIX-to-UNIX system copy
uudecode - decode a uuencoded binary file
uuencode, uudecode - encode/decode a binary file for transmission via mail
uulog - query a log of uucp or uuxqt transactions
uuname - list names of systems known to uucp
uupick - accept or reject the files transmitted to the user
uustat - uucp status inquiry and job control
uuto, uupick - public UNIX-to-UNIX system file copy
uux - UNIX-to-UNIX system command execution
vacation - vacation
vedit - invoke a novice version of vi
vi, view, vedit - invoke a screen-oriented display editor
vidi - set the font and video mode for a video device
view - invoke a read-only vi
vmstat - report paging and system statistics (obsolete)
w - display information about who is on the system and what they are doing
w, uptime - display information about who is on the system and what they are doing
wait - await completion of background processes
wc - count words, lines, and characters or bytes
what - identify SCCS files
whatis - describe what a command is
who - list who is on the system
whoami - display effective user ID as name
whodo - who is doing what
write - write to another user
x286emul - emulate XENIX 80286
xargs - construct and execute commands
xemul - XENIX Emulator
xrun - XENIX Emulator
xtod - change file format from UNIX to MS-DOS
xtract - extract a file from a cpio archive and stop
yes - print string repeatedly
zcat - display compressed files