New features in this release

New and updated features

SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 includes the following new and updated features:

The crash command is now aware of TCP/IP and NFS kernel structures. See the crash(ADM) manual page for details.

Crypt functionality
The Crypt Supplement, including crypt and libcrypt, is now integrated into SCO OpenServer.

Many enhancements and additions have been made to the SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 guide material and manual pages. Specific changes to the documentation include:

DocView Documentation Server
SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 introduces DocView, a new documentation server and help system. The DocView server is an instance of the Apache HTTP server running on a dedicated port (8457). Anyone with access to the server can view the documentation with the web browser of their choice by entering the URL: http://localhost:8457. The Desktop Help icon starts DocView in the default browser. DocView also includes the htdig boolean search engine, utilities for adding documentation to the system, and context-sensitive help for SCOadmin graphical utilities.

DocView replaces SCOhelp, the previous help system that was based on the NCSA Mosaic browser and server. SCOhelp and all supporting utilities are now obsolete. (If you have SCO OpenServer compatible software with SCOhelp documentation, you can access it from the SCOhelp Home Page link on the DocView home page.)

For more information about DocView, see:

FTP has been updated to version 2.6.2. This version includes security updates and bug fixes.

The Open Source Graphics, Web, and X11 Libraries and Tools (gwxlibs) have been updated and are now fully integrated into SCO OpenServer.

A number of security fixes have been made to ksh88. In addition, the new -o danglecreate option was implemented, which provides a safety check so that scripts can create new files without overwriting symlinks. This option is currently undocumented.


The new lsof command is a diagnostic and system administration tool that shows which files are open by process ID. See the lsof(ADM) manual page for more information.

Network Configuration Manager
The Network Configuration Manager has been updated so that it can now autodetect PC Cards.

OSRcompat module
The OSRcompat Binary Compatibility Module, required for running Java applications or C/C++ applications that are built with the UDK or GCC compiler, is now included with SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 and installed by default.

PCI Serial and Parallel support
The Serial Manager, the Hardware/Kernel Manager, and mkdev parallel have been updated so you can use these tools to configure PCI serial and parallel devices. See ``Adding serial and parallel ports'' for details.

PPP Connection Wizard
The new PPP Connection Wizard allows you to easily configure single dial-out PPP connections. See ``Configuring PPP'' for more information.

SCO Update Service
The new SCO Update Service provides a convenient way for you to keep your system current via access to maintenance and security updates, and optionally, provides early access to new product features that will be included in the next SCO OpenServer release. The SCO Update Service entitles you to receive updates over the Internet (or, optionally, on CD-ROM). The SCO Update Service is sold either separately or bundled with your SCO OpenServer license. See ``SCO Update Service'' for more information.

Strong encryption
Strong encryption is now turned on by default when SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.7 is installed. In the past, a separate license was required for this functionality.

The new truss command is a system call tracer tool that is similar to trace(CP). See the truss(C) manual page for details.

World Wide Web icon
A new World Wide Web icon allows you to specify and launch your default Internet browser. For more information, see ``Accessing the World Wide Web''.

In addition to the new and updated features in this release, many bugs have been fixed. For a list of bugs fixed since SCO OpenServer Release 5.0.6a, see the Bugs fixed in Release 5.0.7 link at the SCO OpenServer Release 5 documentation web site:

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